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Sod is AVAILABLE NOW by order 503-266-2699 Tuesday - Saturday

22 per Square Foot plus delivery.
Delivery charges are based on Zip code and range from $50 to $150 in most cases. Please call us for a quote.

Ask about are farm fresh sod cut and delivered daily.

We offer several different turf blends consisting of natural knit perennial rye or perennial rye and turf type tall fescue. Our blends are grown from Major League and natural knit seed. Seed is available to match your sod choice.

Our Different Types of Sod:

Natural Knit Rye

Natural Knit Rye is a very beautiful spreading perennial Rye grass. Fine texture and high density increase wear tolerance. Great for full sun application.

Natural Knit Turf Type Tall Fescue

Natural knit stoloniferous turf type tall Fescue. Dense, tight sod well suited for high traffic, athletic, and shade tolerant.


Water Warden Plus

This is a turf type tall fescue and perennial rye mix. This lush blend incorporates rye for a finer bladed grass. Water Warden Plus is more shade, more traffic tolerant, and once it is established, more drought tolerant.

CLICK HERE for more info on Water Warden Plus

Sod is cut to order

To order, simply measure the area you wish to install (length x width = square feet).  Call 503-266-2699 Tuesday through Friday, 8 am to 3 pm, and our staff will take your order, or return your voice message.

Rocky relaxes on Grower Direct premium grown turf grass
  • Sod is cut to your order and can be delivered by our delivery trucks and forklift to your site for 22 cents/sq. ft. plus a delivery fee.

  • A refundable pallet deposit applies $10.00 per pallet (if returned in 30 days)

  • Sod weight can vary depending on water content and season.


Anderson Family Farms asks that all orders, please be placed with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice

The important key to achieving a beautiful lawn is site preparation. Install the turf promptly after you receive it. The following is a Guide for Preparing a New Lawn.

  1. Spray your lawn area with Round-Up to kill weeds and/or existing lawn. (Allow 10-14 days for best results.) Note: Please follow all State and Federal laws as well as the manufacturer's directions before application of chemicals.

  2. Flag sprinkler heads.

  3. Remove dead Lawn, Weeds, etc. This can be done by hand or a sod cutter. Sod cutters are usually available at your local rental yard.

  4. Loosen or Rototill the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches if soil is compacted or needs amended.

  5. Rake and remove any large clods, rocks, or root clumps. Roll to smooth out the area. Your local rental yard usually have rollers.

  6. If you are putting the sod the next to a driveway or sidewalk, grade your area so that it is an 1/2 inch lower than the walking surface.

  7. Water the prepared area to settle ground for installation of sod DO NOT OVER WATER. You do not want muddy or soggy soil at the time of installation.

  8. Lay the turf as soon as possible after it arrives to ensure freshness (keep any un-laid turf moist and shaded to keep quality). NOTE; Sod is cut fresh to order and usually can be laid within 12-24 hours after delivery.

  9. When laying sod it works best if you can start with a long, straight, line. (especially against driveway or sidewalk). Stagger the seams in each row.

  10. Push the ends and edges against each other tightly without stretching. Avoid overlapping or leaving unnecessary gaps.

  11. On slopes, lay turf across the slope instead of up and down.

  12. After laying the turf, roll entire area out to remove any air pockets and to achieve smooth level lawn.

  13. DO NOT ALLOW THE SOD TO DRY OUT! Water lightly after installation. Make sure to keep sod moist.

  14. We recommend that you sprinkle your sod 4-5 minutes 3 to 4 times per day for the first 2 weeks. DO NOT ALLOW TO PUDDLE. Be sure to watch for the following: Areas near buildings can dry out faster, extra warm or windy weather will dry out the sod faster. Continue to water regularly once sod is rooted as weather dictates. In warm weather, water more often. Once the nights become cooler, water less. Once the rain starts, stop watering unless it becomes long stretches without rain.

  15. Mow your lawn 7 to 10 days after installation. Mow to 1 to 2 inches high. Check to see that it is firmly rooted (try to lift a corner) before mowing. For Water Warden mow 2 to 2 inches.

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